Search Trends Analysis for the Property Sector

Google have launched another beta product called Google Trends. This enables people to check the popularity of keywords and the locations where they are most used. Being interested in the property market lets take a look at some of the major keywords that people will use to search the web.

Starting off with the keywords ‘property for rent’, ‘letting agents’, ‘houses for rent’, ‘flats for rent’ and ‘properties for rent’. The keywords were input into the Google trends search box, the report was ran off and it brought up a simple page with a graph showing the main trend for the keywords by search volume, however in this case there didn’t appear to be a scale on the y axis so the exact volume could not be known. However, looking at the graph it appears that the keyword search volume was fairly consistent over the period of 2005 and 2006 with the most popular keyword search for these 5 being letting agents.

The other section of the results show the top locations from where these searches were made in the UK. Looking at this data we could use an assumption that these are the property rental hotspots from the searches done on Google. With 76% of searches performed through google this could give us an idea of what the trends and patterns are for searches for rental property. In the example that Rentright performed the most searches for this keyword were performed by people in West Lothian, followed by Milton Keynes, Edinburgh and St Albans.

The great part of this tool is it is possible to do a comparison between 5 different keyword searches selecting different time periods, locations and areas. Another search that was performed was a comparison between houses for rent, houses to rent, flats for rent and flats to rent, the results showed that the most searches by volume was flats to rent with St Albans being the main area where this search was performed. The term houses to rent was searched on the most times by people in Bradford.


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This tool provides an insight into what people are searching for in your chosen field and where these searches are most conduceted. This tool can be used as an excellent marketing resource to analyise markets and trends on the most popular search engine in the world.

All data provide in the reports are taken from the Google Trends Search Facility.

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